Wednesday, April 16, 2008


to Shelley B Decor n More
the blog for Shelley B Home and Holiday...

a forum to preview and spotlight great new home decor

and connect with my customers.

I started my business as a decorative painter selling at local markets. Show days were great times to meet with my customers and hear their thoughts on my art work and learn more about them. Selling online has brought many many new friends (from all over the world) to my business - but I miss the opportunity to meet face to face with my customers and learn more about them and what they most like in my store, or what they are looking for that I don't offer yet. This blog is designed to start conversation between me and my customers... I hope you will take advantage and post comments from time to time ...and even photos of how you use Shelley B Home and Holiday treasures to decorate your home.

I also will post brief articles and photos of home decor items, and links to other great products I have found during all my hours on the internet. I still get an urge to create from time to time so watch for do it yourself decorating projects and other crafty bits. I might even break out my brushes and paint a canvas or piece of furniture to post......

I hope you will join me on my blog and don't forget to visit my website at

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