Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mark Roberts King Of Hearts Fairy


If you enjoyed our selection of Christmas Fairies and Elves, be sure to visit our Shelley B HH Mark Roberts page to find his Valentine's Day and Easter Fairies. 

The 11 inch King of Hearts Fairy is in stock and ready to ship.  This smartly costumed Valentine's Day themed fairy is the perfect size for a Valentine's Day Wreath.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Radiance Light Canvas

available at Shelley B Home and Holiday
New wall arts featuring prints on canvas over wood frame
Tiny lights hidden behind the canvas light up and flicker like a candle flame.
These battery operated lights add warmth to this unique wall art. 
 Lights are used to replicate
 candle flame on candles
candle light inside a church
lighthouse light
light on a sailboat at sunset
light beside a front door at Christmas time
Lights on the Eiffel Tower in Paris
the Statue of Liberty in New York City
in Big Ben in London
and many more themes
Radiance Light Canvas will make a great Christmas Gift
there is something for everyone. 
Below is a video of the Radiance Lighted Canvas Collection
play the video to see how the lights look on each canvas
 (the video includes many, but not all of the canvas designs available)

Here is a link to the Radiance Light Canvas Collection at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to decorate a Christmas Tree using candles and figurines

Shelley B Home and Holiday is pleased to share with you a
 great new design idea for your Christmas tree. 
Christmas Tree Display Arms
Metal arms that can be easily attached to the center pole of your artificial Christmas tree.  Arms extend just beyond the tree branches and have a sturdy metal platform shelf to hold items that add to your Christmas tree theme.  Items like fireless candles, snowmen, nativity figures, angels, Santas, fairies and more.   Now you can add almost anything to your Christmas tree with no worries about wiring or how to attach non ornament items.  Just rest them on the Christmas tree Display arm shelf.
Play the video below for more details....

Offered as a set of 3 arms that adjust to different lengths (listed below) to accomodate the varying depths of a Christmas tree. Sure to be a perfect fit for your Christmas tree!
Christmas tree Display Arm or Shelf

set of 3

adjustable 13 inch to 18 inches

16 inches to 23 inches

20 inches to 31 inches

And each set includes optional taper candle holders to hold
your battery operated, flameless taper candles.


Shown below holding a candle and an angel.

Order Today
at Shelley B Home and Holiday
Christmas Tree Display Arm
  or call 1-855-785-8558

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Luminara Flameless Candles

Play our video (above)  to see for yourself

Find our latest selection of battery operated candles
in our Home Decor Category
Flameless Flickering Candles

Luminara Fireless Candle with Flickering Flame
•Flickering fireless flame - different from any flameless candle on the market

•Pillars are made of real, lightly scented wax

•Timer Function: 5 hours on / 19 hours off

•Runs on (2) D alkaline batteries

•Battery life averages 240 hours

includes remote control and cylinder gift packaging

Benefits of the Luminara Flameless Candle:

Superior to LED flameless candles, which do not show flame but instead have a random glowing light pattern hidden inside a wax or plastic shell.

Safe for pets; Safe for children's bedroom - great as a nightlight.

Timer function means never worrying if you blew out the candles before leaving the house or going to be - set it and forget it

Great for home decor; use inside of a fire place, as a table centerpiece, line a stairwell, inside a lantern, on your Christmas tree, on a windowsill.

Flameless Candles

Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas Plates

Shelley B Home and Holiday offers great decorative 
holiday plates for gifts and promotions,
or to brighten your Holiday table.
Below is a sample of some of our favorites
these are not currently listed in our store
so email Shelley for details or to order
Happy Snowmen Plates
8 x 8

Teacup Snowman Square Plates
8 x 8

Reindeer Plate
10 x 10

Snowman and birds plate
10.5 x 10.75

Snowman Plate Set
5x8 and 7x10

Square Santa Plate
6.5 x 7.75

Set of four snowman plates with gift box
8 x 8
Many of these plates are part of a table top collection offering
additional pieces like matching
salt and pepper shakers, pitchers, mugs, cookie jars, bowl and spreader sets, etc.
For more information about these
holiday plates and collections please email

Monday, October 1, 2012

Radiance Lighted Canvas Halloween Jack-O-Lantern & Haunted House

the Radiance Lighted Canvas Collection
~ Video Below~
Radiance Lighted Canvas offering stretched wall art canvas with battery operated flickering light. Adds the cozy, warm light of a flickering candle to your home's wall art.  The perfect blend of art and light. Offering wall art styles which include everyday, seasonal, nautical, country styles, Billy Jacobs designs, Christmas, Halloween and more.
We are very pleased to announce that for our first season offerings we have two popular Halloween styles in stock and ready to ship.  These two canvases have been very popular and are selling out quickly.  Please order early to  ensure availability.
The video link below will show you more from the Radiance Lighted Canvas collection
and it will show you first hand the awesome and
real looking warm flickering light from the radiance canvas collection
(the Jack O Lantern canvas can be seen at the 2:10 mark of this video....)
to find details.
If you would like to order a Radiance Lighted Canvas
not already listed in our store
please email
with your request.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Patience Brewster Krinkles Collection

Introducing Patience Brewsters whimsical folk art characters
for Halloween and Christmas, new at Shelley B Home and Holiday!
Best known for her Krinkles Christmas Collection.  This line of Christmas ornaments and figures, was originally produced by Dept 56 but now is produced by Patience Brewster's own company.
After hearing about Patience Brewster from other designer's we offer, we were finally able to see her designs first hand at the Atlanta 2012 Gift show. I immediately recognized that her characters were just the type of whimsical, collectible folk art that our customers would love!
Patience Brewster has always loved to draw.  Her career as an artist/illustrator
began by writing and illustrating children's books.  From there she went on to design greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, Christmas Nativity sets, Christmas figurines and Halloween figures.
You can see her storytelling talent in her well thought out designs. Each character she creates has so much detail and personality.  I imagine Patience has created a complete story that each one of her individual characters stars in.
One example of how her storytelling back ground might be found in her designs is the Dash Away Elf and Dash Away Reindeer collection.
Patience has created the complete collection of Santa's reindeer.  She has added whimsy and personality to each reindeer making them truly a unique Patience Brewster collectible.   Then Patience created a coordinating caregiver elf for each reindeer. The little elves were created to care and manage the reindeer for Santa.
The Dash Away Reindeer are available as table top figurines measuring around 12 inches tall and they are also available as 7 inch ornaments.  The Dash Away Elves are available as 4 1/2 inch tall ornaments
Patience Brewster's Dash Away Reindeer and Elf Collection
 gives us all a wonderful, magical, Christmas keepsake to collect.
with coordinating

You can see all 8 Dash Away Reindeer and Elves
 on our Patience Brewster Page
If you have any questions about our Patience Brewster collection

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Haunted Mirror ~ animated Halloween decoration


Haunted Halloween Mirror

Magic haunted Halloween mirror for your Halloween decorating.
Motion activated ~ skull lights up eyes blink and
skeleton talks.
requires just 2 aa batteries
measures 12 inches tall
available at Shelley B Home and Holiday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mark Roberts Limited Edition Collectible Faires

Mark Roberts Limited Edition Collectible Fairies.

Artfully designed and skillfully crafted, these finely detailed magical fairies include posable arms, heads, legs and wings. Their flexible bodies make them so easy to display. They can sit on a shelf or ledge, fly from your Christmas tree, fasten and pose in your Christmas wreath, hang in a window or from a light over a table.

Each fairy is richly costumed and accessorized in a theme. Fairies are designed in popular decorating themes, so your fairies will coordinate with whatever style you currently enjoy decorating in. You can collect themed fairies in small, medium, and large sizes.

Matching stands are available to assist in displaying your fairies.

The complete collection includes Christmas Fairies, Santas and elves, North Pole Elves, Animated Fairies and Santas, Nativity and Angels, Fall Witches and Fall Fairies, Dogs and Monkeys, Spring Fairies and Elves, Afro-American Fairies and Santas, Fairy Inspired Christmas Cards, Stocking Holders, Wine Bags.

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You can contact us to special order any item from the Mark Roberts current collection. If you don't see the item you are looking for listed above please contact us at

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mary Engelbreit Halloween for Bethany Lowe 2012

Mary Engelbreit's Halloween 2012 collection for Bethany Lowe features 10 new Halloween designs.

  Mary 's warmhearted style is reminiscent of old-fashioned storybooks, the colors are luminous, the designs ornate.

Below is a slide show of her new 2012 Halloween designs available at Shelley B Home and Holiday

NEW For 2012
Mary Engelbreit Trick or Treaters Collection

Ghost Boy: ME1217 5 inch trick or treater dressed as a ghost, he carries a black cat bucket and you can see his red converse like sneaker from under his ghost sheet

Robot Boy: ME1216 6 inch trick or treater dressed in a home made robot costume and carrying an orange bag with a bat design

Trick or Treat: ME1215 6 3/4 inches tall dressed in green cap and orange mask with black cape over gold with stars gown and purple pointy shoes.  Carries a jack o lantern bag.

Halloween Wizard: ME1214  9 1/2 inch tall Trick or treat wizard.   This is the tallest of Mary's new Trick or Treaters collection.  Sweet faced with dark hair, she wears a tall wizard hat and jack o lantern covered cloak.
Gypsy Girl Figural: ME1218  this is a three piece set depicting a young gypsy girl, dressed in a colorful outfit sitting at a table with a crystal ball.


Li'L Spider Ornament  ME1220  Small 3 3/4 inch spider ornament which hangs from a black and white checked ribbon.  Great feather tree ornament

Spider Table Piece: ME1219  Paper mache spider creation that can hold candy in his back

Mary's Cat Bucket: ME 1221 Paper Mache candy bucket featuring a black cat with green bow tie

Halloween Jester: ME1213 Large 12 inch teasing Halloween Jester.  If you enjoyed Mary's Clown Jumping Over Pumpkin from 2011
you will want to add this item to your collection.

Clown Jumping Over Pumpkin ME0249

Halloween Jester ME1213

Shelley B Home and Holiday offers Mary Engelbreit's year round collection
Easter, Halloween and Christmas are included
You can find them in our store, on our