Saturday, September 29, 2012

Patience Brewster Krinkles Collection

Introducing Patience Brewsters whimsical folk art characters
for Halloween and Christmas, new at Shelley B Home and Holiday!
Best known for her Krinkles Christmas Collection.  This line of Christmas ornaments and figures, was originally produced by Dept 56 but now is produced by Patience Brewster's own company.
After hearing about Patience Brewster from other designer's we offer, we were finally able to see her designs first hand at the Atlanta 2012 Gift show. I immediately recognized that her characters were just the type of whimsical, collectible folk art that our customers would love!
Patience Brewster has always loved to draw.  Her career as an artist/illustrator
began by writing and illustrating children's books.  From there she went on to design greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, Christmas Nativity sets, Christmas figurines and Halloween figures.
You can see her storytelling talent in her well thought out designs. Each character she creates has so much detail and personality.  I imagine Patience has created a complete story that each one of her individual characters stars in.
One example of how her storytelling back ground might be found in her designs is the Dash Away Elf and Dash Away Reindeer collection.
Patience has created the complete collection of Santa's reindeer.  She has added whimsy and personality to each reindeer making them truly a unique Patience Brewster collectible.   Then Patience created a coordinating caregiver elf for each reindeer. The little elves were created to care and manage the reindeer for Santa.
The Dash Away Reindeer are available as table top figurines measuring around 12 inches tall and they are also available as 7 inch ornaments.  The Dash Away Elves are available as 4 1/2 inch tall ornaments
Patience Brewster's Dash Away Reindeer and Elf Collection
 gives us all a wonderful, magical, Christmas keepsake to collect.
with coordinating

You can see all 8 Dash Away Reindeer and Elves
 on our Patience Brewster Page
If you have any questions about our Patience Brewster collection

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Haunted Mirror ~ animated Halloween decoration


Haunted Halloween Mirror

Magic haunted Halloween mirror for your Halloween decorating.
Motion activated ~ skull lights up eyes blink and
skeleton talks.
requires just 2 aa batteries
measures 12 inches tall
available at Shelley B Home and Holiday.