Sunday, November 18, 2012

Radiance Light Canvas

available at Shelley B Home and Holiday
New wall arts featuring prints on canvas over wood frame
Tiny lights hidden behind the canvas light up and flicker like a candle flame.
These battery operated lights add warmth to this unique wall art. 
 Lights are used to replicate
 candle flame on candles
candle light inside a church
lighthouse light
light on a sailboat at sunset
light beside a front door at Christmas time
Lights on the Eiffel Tower in Paris
the Statue of Liberty in New York City
in Big Ben in London
and many more themes
Radiance Light Canvas will make a great Christmas Gift
there is something for everyone. 
Below is a video of the Radiance Lighted Canvas Collection
play the video to see how the lights look on each canvas
 (the video includes many, but not all of the canvas designs available)

Here is a link to the Radiance Light Canvas Collection at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to decorate a Christmas Tree using candles and figurines

Shelley B Home and Holiday is pleased to share with you a
 great new design idea for your Christmas tree. 
Christmas Tree Display Arms
Metal arms that can be easily attached to the center pole of your artificial Christmas tree.  Arms extend just beyond the tree branches and have a sturdy metal platform shelf to hold items that add to your Christmas tree theme.  Items like fireless candles, snowmen, nativity figures, angels, Santas, fairies and more.   Now you can add almost anything to your Christmas tree with no worries about wiring or how to attach non ornament items.  Just rest them on the Christmas tree Display arm shelf.
Play the video below for more details....

Offered as a set of 3 arms that adjust to different lengths (listed below) to accomodate the varying depths of a Christmas tree. Sure to be a perfect fit for your Christmas tree!
Christmas tree Display Arm or Shelf

set of 3

adjustable 13 inch to 18 inches

16 inches to 23 inches

20 inches to 31 inches

And each set includes optional taper candle holders to hold
your battery operated, flameless taper candles.


Shown below holding a candle and an angel.

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at Shelley B Home and Holiday
Christmas Tree Display Arm
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