Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mary Engelbreit Halloween for Bethany Lowe 2012

Mary Engelbreit's Halloween 2012 collection for Bethany Lowe features 10 new Halloween designs.

  Mary 's warmhearted style is reminiscent of old-fashioned storybooks, the colors are luminous, the designs ornate.

Below is a slide show of her new 2012 Halloween designs available at Shelley B Home and Holiday

NEW For 2012
Mary Engelbreit Trick or Treaters Collection

Ghost Boy: ME1217 5 inch trick or treater dressed as a ghost, he carries a black cat bucket and you can see his red converse like sneaker from under his ghost sheet

Robot Boy: ME1216 6 inch trick or treater dressed in a home made robot costume and carrying an orange bag with a bat design

Trick or Treat: ME1215 6 3/4 inches tall dressed in green cap and orange mask with black cape over gold with stars gown and purple pointy shoes.  Carries a jack o lantern bag.

Halloween Wizard: ME1214  9 1/2 inch tall Trick or treat wizard.   This is the tallest of Mary's new Trick or Treaters collection.  Sweet faced with dark hair, she wears a tall wizard hat and jack o lantern covered cloak.
Gypsy Girl Figural: ME1218  this is a three piece set depicting a young gypsy girl, dressed in a colorful outfit sitting at a table with a crystal ball.


Li'L Spider Ornament  ME1220  Small 3 3/4 inch spider ornament which hangs from a black and white checked ribbon.  Great feather tree ornament

Spider Table Piece: ME1219  Paper mache spider creation that can hold candy in his back

Mary's Cat Bucket: ME 1221 Paper Mache candy bucket featuring a black cat with green bow tie

Halloween Jester: ME1213 Large 12 inch teasing Halloween Jester.  If you enjoyed Mary's Clown Jumping Over Pumpkin from 2011
you will want to add this item to your collection.

Clown Jumping Over Pumpkin ME0249

Halloween Jester ME1213

Shelley B Home and Holiday offers Mary Engelbreit's year round collection
Easter, Halloween and Christmas are included
You can find them in our store, on our

Monday, July 30, 2012

Decorate for Halloween using Tulle

Shelley B Home and Holiday presents the

Bethany Lowe

Orange tablecloth with black tulle trim
measures 54 inches x 54 inches

 Black cat and witch silhouette are on the corners of the table cloth

The back of the table cloth is finished with black fabric

Black Tulle strips hang from the edges
of this Halloween tablecloth for an eerie ghost like affect

Here are some more ways you can decorate your home

Black tulle draped over furniture gives an eerie effect and helps to hide furniture you won't be using during your party.

White tulle draped gives a ghostly effect. Stuff the tulle to form a ghostly shape and hang it up where the breeze can make it flutter. Hang up several ghosts and hide a rotating fan out of sight to blow on them. For a party use helium balloons for the ghost head. Drape one layer of tulle over the balloon, gather it then tie it closed. Tie the balloon strings to the back of furniture so the helium balloon ghost won't float away. Helium will only last for the evening so save this tip for party time.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Greg Guedel Halloween Monster Mash Figures

The Greg Guedel Halloween 2012 Collection
 for Bethany Lowe Collectibles

   includes this tall pair of Halloween figures.

Stripes, polka dots, and vintage Halloween images cover their Halloween costumes

These are large figures measuring 14 inches tall!


Just like all the characters in Greg's folk art collection, the Monster Mash pair feature great attention to the tiniest of details....

 Bat and Pumpkin Balloon shapes are held by each monster.

and each holds a trick or treat bucket
below is a photo of the owl bucket held by the skeleton
Frankenstein holds a black cat bucket

The artist tag is included with the Monster Mash set
(and all our Bethany Lowe items).
A great collectible pair with lots of coordinating
figures available by the artist,  to create a vintage  Halloween display
you will enjoy for years to come.

Please visit our  By Artist: Greg Guedel page
to find the Monster Mash pair . 

You can also see a few of Greg Guedel's Easter and Christmas items.

Watch for the Greg Guedel Christmas 2012 collection
listing soon at Shelley B Home and Holiday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angel Collection by RAZ Imports

Use as tree toppers or ornaments.

Fasten to wreaths or garland swags

Many ways to display these beautiful angels

More details and photos posting tomorrow.....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Glass Vase Collection for Wedding Centerpiece

Shelley B Home and Holiday offers a collection of
unique glass vases for your event decorating.

 Bell Shaped Candleholder Glass Vase
 available in four sizes

Holds a pillar candle on the top
and offers a glass bell shaped base to fill with themed items to
coordinate with your event or decor.

   M             N             O           P                 

M= 6.5 inches high x 6.5 inch diameter    $21.50
N= 8.5 inches high x 6.5 inch diameter     $23.50
O= 10 inches high x  5 inch diameter        $21.50
P=  8 inches high x 5 inch diameter           $19.50


also available:

Double Cylinder Vase Collection

Removeable  hourglass shaped top vase
fits inside a round cylinder vase.

Fill each vase seperately for a unique table top display

price includes both glass pieces used to create the vase

C= 13 inch tall x 8 inch diameter $99.50
E= 26 inches tall x 8 inch diameter $121.50
H= 18 inches tall x 8 inch diameter $121.50

To inquire about any of these vases please email

or call toll free  1-855-785-8558

and ask for Shelley

available while supplies last

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Halloween Owl and Black Cat

From the Bethany Lowe Halloween Collection

We just received our first shipment of this dancing Halloween pair
and they are quickly becoming a favorite here at Shelley B Home and Holiday
Great details and a touch of glitter finish make this vintage dapper pair
a great addition to your vintage themed Halloween collectibles.

To find more collectible folk art and vintage inspired Halloween decor
please visit our Bethany Lowe Halloween page.  To see the newest items
available for fall 2012 please visit our Bethany Lowe Halloween 2012 preorder page.

There are lots of great new Bethany Lowe designs coming to Shelley B Home and Holiday this summer !