Monday, July 30, 2012

Decorate for Halloween using Tulle

Shelley B Home and Holiday presents the

Bethany Lowe

Orange tablecloth with black tulle trim
measures 54 inches x 54 inches

 Black cat and witch silhouette are on the corners of the table cloth

The back of the table cloth is finished with black fabric

Black Tulle strips hang from the edges
of this Halloween tablecloth for an eerie ghost like affect

Here are some more ways you can decorate your home

Black tulle draped over furniture gives an eerie effect and helps to hide furniture you won't be using during your party.

White tulle draped gives a ghostly effect. Stuff the tulle to form a ghostly shape and hang it up where the breeze can make it flutter. Hang up several ghosts and hide a rotating fan out of sight to blow on them. For a party use helium balloons for the ghost head. Drape one layer of tulle over the balloon, gather it then tie it closed. Tie the balloon strings to the back of furniture so the helium balloon ghost won't float away. Helium will only last for the evening so save this tip for party time.


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