Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy June Birthdays!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday and Father's Day. Our family enjoys dining on the patio and this was the perfect weekend to do so.
Friday my family treated me to a wonderful birthday dinner. While my husband and our 5 children worked the kitchen and the grill, I finished planting flowers around our house. We haven't done any formal landscaping since our remodeling project in 2006 - but the flower beds are all cut in. There are lots and lots of spots for summer blooms. I usually plant a few flowers the beginning of May - and then wait for the big sales the beginning of June to fill in and replace anything that isn't doing well. I'll share some photos after everything adjusts and grows in.

For dinner my family served antipasto, fillet mignon wrapped in bacon and shrimp. Dessert was a birthday cake with pretty blue roses on white frosting. At least I think so...I never got to take a good look at the my daughter was carrying it out of the house and across the porch - singing "happy birthday to you..."...the cake started sliding back and forth on the tray and......after a series of very comedic adjustment attempts on her part.....flipped off the tray and landed upside down right beside the patio table. It was a classic home video moment...unfortunately we were not filming so I don't have the video to share. Her arms swinging back and forth, the cake in mid air, the sound of the cake hitting the floor, the look on her face, the silence in the crowd as the singing stopped, and the out burst of laughter that followed... are sure to be recalled by family and friends for years to come

I have always enjoyed celebrating my birthday in the month of June. In south central Pennsylvania it is the first month of summer. The weather is usually just right - the spring chill and damp weather is finally gone and the summer heat has not set in yet. Summer nights, beach trips, gardening, swimming....have all newly returned to schedules and the end of school is just reason enough to add a celebratory mood to everyday life.
I wanted to wish everyone celebrating a birthday this month Happy Birthday. I am sharing my birthday bouquet with you!

Friday, June 6, 2008

June Giveaway

June Giveaway

Leave a comment on this blog
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Last entry day is June 30
Winner will be posted by July 3!
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Winner of the May Giveaway

We have a winner for the May Summer fun Recipe Drawing. Entries were drawn from recipe comments left on the May 19 post.

Our winner is....Wendy Byrd. Thank you Wendy!! She has won the Raz Imports recipe book stand.

You can check out her great Strawberry Cream Pie Recipe by scrolling down to the May 19 entry....Click on the comments link at the bottom.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Summer is here....Its beautiful in eastern Pennsylvania ....

This is my favorite month ~ it might be a developed habit as a child~ you know end of the school year and all. I think it just has to do with the great "time to be outdoors" weather we now enjoy. Flowers are planted, Sun is out - not too hot-. This weekend I ran a lap around the neightborhood on Saturday and took a family bike ride on Sunday. Exercise always helps to brighten your mood and energize!


This month at Shelley B its all about the porch and patio. I spent last week shopping for great porch and patio home decor items. Many can also be used indoors- but because I am working on a porch makeover -great outdoor items were my focus.

I have place several large orders and am now waiting for great new merchandise to arrive!! Lee my Fed Ex driver is going to be very busy next week!! I will begin previewing some of the items this week at

This Garden bench is great for holding small potted flowers or other garden themed decor - I just added it to my store today. The vintage rose, green and cream colored quilt is also available at

It caught my eye because of its white color. I am hoping to break out my paint brushes and paint some pretty pink roses as part of my porch make over. For years I was a decorative artist- painting on anything from canvas, walls, and furniture. I even had my own line of custom made, hand painted lids for Longenberger baskets. I am missing my creative outlet and think Shelley B Home and Holiday is the perfect place to add a few unique hand painted items!!

I am going to try to find some old photo files of previous work and create a flickr file.