Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Summer is here....Its beautiful in eastern Pennsylvania ....

This is my favorite month ~ it might be a developed habit as a child~ you know end of the school year and all. I think it just has to do with the great "time to be outdoors" weather we now enjoy. Flowers are planted, Sun is out - not too hot-. This weekend I ran a lap around the neightborhood on Saturday and took a family bike ride on Sunday. Exercise always helps to brighten your mood and energize!


This month at Shelley B its all about the porch and patio. I spent last week shopping for great porch and patio home decor items. Many can also be used indoors- but because I am working on a porch makeover -great outdoor items were my focus.

I have place several large orders and am now waiting for great new merchandise to arrive!! Lee my Fed Ex driver is going to be very busy next week!! I will begin previewing some of the items this week at

This Garden bench is great for holding small potted flowers or other garden themed decor - I just added it to my store today. The vintage rose, green and cream colored quilt is also available at

It caught my eye because of its white color. I am hoping to break out my paint brushes and paint some pretty pink roses as part of my porch make over. For years I was a decorative artist- painting on anything from canvas, walls, and furniture. I even had my own line of custom made, hand painted lids for Longenberger baskets. I am missing my creative outlet and think Shelley B Home and Holiday is the perfect place to add a few unique hand painted items!!

I am going to try to find some old photo files of previous work and create a flickr file.

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