Thursday, March 3, 2016

Win this Easter Basket from Shelley B Home and Holiday

Enter to win our Easter Basket, filled with decorations and gourmet chocolate candy from our online store Shelley B Home and Holiday. To find more information about the current giveaway please visit the Giveaway page at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Or you can simply join the giveaway by entering your email address below.  Winner will be announced here March 16 2016.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Miniature Gardening

What are miniature gardens?

Miniature gardens are tiny to scale gardens created with dwarf plants and flowers, in flower pots or beds.  Figures and characters and other items are added to create tiny worlds from the gardener's imagination.

Small accessories like garden houses and doors, patio furniture, playing animals, vintage campers, tents, and canoes, sleeping fairy babies, tikki bars, gnome house doors and more are added among the plants. Small pebble walk ways and patio pads are also added to cause the eye to travel and wander through the tiny garden world.


The wide range of item themes and styles now available makes miniature gardening a great hobby for anyone to enjoy!

Miniature garden figures you can add to your mini landscapes can be fairy or gnome themed, but if woodland homes, secret garden doors and mystical creatures are not your cup of tea, our miniature gardening collection offers you many other options for playing in your flower pots and patio planters!

Many mini gardeners prefer to create tiny worlds using more everyday and main stream themes. Vintage campers, garden sheds, farms scenes, yoga frogs, dogs and rabbits, whimsical owls and much more.

Browse through just a few photos of miniature gardens and you will quickly see the fun to be had!
You can find many images on the internet, like our Miniature Gardening Pinterest board and Miniature Gardening at Shelley B Facebook page.

Take some time to enjoy our photos then use your imagination to design your own
favorite garden scene.

 Is it a formal manicured garden, a fun tikki bar patio with light strings,
a beach chair in the sand at the edge of the dune grass?

Mini gardening is a growing hobby. Its an easy, fun way to express your own creativity. Working
in small scale allows so many possibilities. You can enjoy bringing your garden landscape to life, without hours of back breaking garden work.

Create a tiny oasis in a patio container to cozy up your patio this summer. Miniature gardens can
be kept close to where you entertain making them a focal point to be enjoyed by your guests. They also make thoughtful and creative gifts for friends and family.

You can now buy Miniature Gardening Figures and Fairy Gardening Figures at Shelley B Home and Holiday. We have been gathering great accessories and photos to help our customers create their own miniature gardens. Items are listing now with many more to follow.

If you have created your own miniature garden we would love to see your photos. Please email with your photos and any information you would like to share.

Please visit our website for more details. We also invite you to like or new Miniature Gardening at Shelley B Home and Holiday Face Book Page.

You can also use this link to join our Shelley B Miniature Gardening email list. Be the first to see new items, designs ideas and special offers.

We will continue to share inspiring photo to spark your creativity and look forward to sharing your
mini garden photos too!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This Christmas send some sweetness to our soldiers overseas.

The Shelley B family would like to send boxes of 
chocolates and candies to our military men and women
serving overseas this Christmas. 

Please join us!

Here's how, 
for every lighted picture our customers
purchase from now until November 30 
we will add
additional candy to our boxes!


After you place your order, you can send
a little thank you/ Merry Christmas note
 for our soldiers
which we will include in your candy box.

Just email your message to

We will print the message and include it 
in our candy boxes.

You can find all the details by visiting this blog post:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bird Cage and Garden Urn Porch decorating project.

Need a summer decorating idea for your front porch urn? Here's an idea using items found in our store. Links to items used are posted below the video at the bottom of this post.

We started with our favorite angel garden statue and placed it in a decorative bird cage for impact and height.  Then we added floral stems to the urn.  Two cascading style stems were added on each side and our sunflower bouquet bundles were placed in the center.  We added LED wire lights to the flowers for soft accent lighting.  The LED lights have an automatic timer which lights for 6 hours, shuts off and then automatically restarts after 18 hours.

Pretty, easy to create and no watering or flower care needed.

Garden Angel on Pedestal
Sunflower Bouquet
Cascading Geranium
LED Wire Lights

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vintage Holiday Children collection by Bethany Lowe Spring 2015

Bethany Lowe's vintage holiday children collection offers many new designs every year featuring children celebrating holidays through out the year.  Each figure is designed to capture a special moment unique to a particular holiday.  Trimming the tree at Christmas, building a snowman on a winter day, trick or treating at Halloween, Valentine's Day special deliveries, children at Easter with spring chicks and Easter bunnies, and many more. Every year Bethany brings a new idea to add to your collection. 

The best way for us to introduce you to Bethany Lowe is by sharing a portion of her website below:

 "Through Beth’s work, everything old becomes new again as she captures the warm memories of her childhood growing up on a Midwestern farm. Holidays were a magical time for Beth’s family and the small community she grew up in, with costume parties, mummer’s parades, pumpkin carving contests, and trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhoods. Families went for horse-drawn sleigh rides, ice skated together on country ponds, went caroling door-to-door, and built snow forts and snowmen to greet passersby. As a child, one of Beth’s favorite traditions was creating May baskets from paper and flowers – special gifts to be hung on the doors of friends and family."

Her vintage children collection is one of our very favorite lines.  I have created a page on my website where you can see all our current selections for all holidays and seasons.  
I hope you will stop by to see
why we love this collection....

Bethany Lowe Vintage Holiday Children Figures at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween decorating and entertaining.

 Another Halloween weekend is upon us. Every year more and more people get more and more creative in how they celebrate and decorate for this spooky fall holiday.  Shelley B Home and Holiday has created a Halloween Pinterest board and we have been adding photo pins to it for several Halloween seasons.  Stop by for a visit and you will find inspiring decorating photos, Halloween treat recipes, and lots of DIY Halloween projects that are too cute and many are too simple to believe.  We also have mixed in some of our own Shelley B Home and Holiday Halloween decorations and collectibles. Click on these pins to link to our store page where more details can be found.

Follow Shelley Home and Holiday's board Halloween on Pinterest.