Friday, September 9, 2016

Fall Decorated Christmas Tree

We couldn't wait for Christmas so we decorated our 7.5 foot evergreen Christmas tree with pumpkins, berries and fall foliage!

We added lanterns with flickering flame battery powered candles
and created a pumpkin and leaf ring around the base of the tree.

Below are items shown in this video and links to
purchase from our online store.

orange fall berry craft stem

eucalyptus floral craft stem

fall floral stem

burlap maple leaf craft stem

crabapple floral craft stem

walnut stem

Foam pumpkins are light weight and easy to tuck into the 
tree branches

foam pumpkins in white from Shelley B Home and Holiday      tall foam pumpkin for decorating

green foam craft pumpkinwhite foam craft pumpkin
red foam craft pumpkin


  craft pumpkin made of foamref foam pumpkinwhite foam pumpkin for craftsgreen foam pumpkin


green foam pumpkin for crafting

white foam pumpkin for crafting

foam pumpkin for crafting

Two types of fall ribbon were used on the tree

orange and green plaid craft ribbon

fall craft ribbon with maple leaves and beads

To add a cozy feeling we added two lanterns to the tree
the large lantern holds a flameless motion candle

motion flame candle by luminara and more

we recommend the 7 inch size for the middle lantern in our
lantern set and a tea light for the small lantern

metal decorative lanterns

The lanterns are from our Metal Lantern Set of 3. The small and medium size lanterns are perfect size
to add to a tree.  The large size could be decorated with florals and ribbon topper made from 
stems used in the tree and placed on a mantel beside the tree.

Please be sure to visit our RAZ Decorated Tree Photo Gallery 
for many more decorated tree ideas for Christmas

Shelley B also offer decorated tree kits for our original designs
 Halloween, Easter and Christmas trees.

(in the Shop by Season: Christmas category)
to find tree ornament kits for all seasons!

questions about any of our trees, please email

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bethany Lowe Halloween


Visit our Shop by Collection: Bethany Lowe: Halloween page to find our
great selection of vintage inspired Halloween decorations. 
Witches, black cats, pumpkins, ghosts
and more. 

 Check out Bethany's fun collectible figures depicting children 
dressed in old fashion Halloween costumes. 

 Bethany and her talented team of folk artist have been offering
vintage, folk art and retro style home decorations for 30 years.

There are many table top figures for all seasons.

Find your favorite theme or artist and
 check back each season for new items to add to your collection.

 There is also a large collection 
of hard to find feather trees, in various colors and sizes.
Old fashion Christmas ornaments and garlands to decorate your tree too!

Use this quick link to shop Bethany Lowe at Shelley B. From this
page in our online store you can visit
the Halloween, Christmas, Easter category and more.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Solar Twinkling Wine Bottle Lights


Decorate your garden or patio with beautiful twinkling lights.  Our solar powered wine bottle lights are easy to use.  Just add to any bottle, the solar powered lights are charged everyday by the sun and come to life at dusk every night.  The lights twinkle softly like summer fireflies.  The light set is attached to a bottle topper with a metal handle so you can display your bottle lights on a garden hook or tree. You can also sit bottles around your patio.  Not just for wine bottles, great for any decorative glass bottle.

solar powered wine bottle lights

at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Shop for unique home decorations at

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Miniature Garden Idea ~ Garden Sofa

We found this blog post from Gypsy Garden 
and loved the creativity behind this great display. 
You can purchase miniature garden items found in this photo
 in our online store ~
Shelley B Home and Holiday
There is a link at the bottom of this article to 
some of the items used to create this 
vintage sofa mini garden display.

miniature garden display on vintage sofa

Yep! That’s real, live moss. Spritzed with water each night to keep it looking fresh. This couch-turned-mini-garden was definitely a showstopper. A not-so-mini miniature garden planted on a couch covered in moss is certainly not something you see everyday. When you’re putting together your own displays, keep an eye out for one-of-a-kind pieces like this couch. Items like this create interest and draw shoppers in to see what you have to offer.
This couch didn’t always have the appeal that it had in our showroom. Let’s just say it had been through a lot when we found it… but our merchandising team saw its potential and was able to use it to create something beautiful. With a fresh coat of paint, lots of moss and hot glue, and a little planting help from our friends at Batson’s, this couch took on a whole new life. You know what they say… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

miniature garden idea

The mini garden appears to be planted directly in the couch, but to give ourselves a little more flexibility and extend the life of our garden, we planted in plastic under-the-bed storage containers. This way, we can easily move the containers and use them in another display if necessary. You could use any size container to do something like this – when you’re finished planting, just hot-glue some moss onto the edges, and voilĂ !                         article credit:  Studio M Blog

Shelley B Home and Holiday offers the Gypsy Garden Vintage Camper, Bistro Patio Table and Chair Set, Mini Garden Bicycle, Mini Garden Birdhouse Stakes, and many new items added to the collection after this photo was taken.  Stop by our online store and take a look at all this collection offers, plus additional miniature garden figures.

We have additional Gypsy Garden Photos posted in our Shelley B Home and Holiday Store Blog.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Win this Easter Basket from Shelley B Home and Holiday

Enter to win our Easter Basket, filled with decorations and gourmet chocolate candy from our online store Shelley B Home and Holiday. To find more information about the current giveaway please visit the Giveaway page at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Or you can simply join the giveaway by entering your email address below.  Winner will be announced here March 16 2016.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Miniature Gardening

What are miniature gardens?

Miniature gardens are tiny to scale gardens created with dwarf plants and flowers, in flower pots or beds.  Figures and characters and other items are added to create tiny worlds from the gardener's imagination.

Small accessories like garden houses and doors, patio furniture, playing animals, vintage campers, tents, and canoes, sleeping fairy babies, tikki bars, gnome house doors and more are added among the plants. Small pebble walk ways and patio pads are also added to cause the eye to travel and wander through the tiny garden world.


The wide range of item themes and styles now available makes miniature gardening a great hobby for anyone to enjoy!

Miniature garden figures you can add to your mini landscapes can be fairy or gnome themed, but if woodland homes, secret garden doors and mystical creatures are not your cup of tea, our miniature gardening collection offers you many other options for playing in your flower pots and patio planters!

Many mini gardeners prefer to create tiny worlds using more everyday and main stream themes. Vintage campers, garden sheds, farms scenes, yoga frogs, dogs and rabbits, whimsical owls and much more.

Browse through just a few photos of miniature gardens and you will quickly see the fun to be had!
You can find many images on the internet, like our Miniature Gardening Pinterest board and Miniature Gardening at Shelley B Facebook page.

Take some time to enjoy our photos then use your imagination to design your own
favorite garden scene.

 Is it a formal manicured garden, a fun tikki bar patio with light strings,
a beach chair in the sand at the edge of the dune grass?

Mini gardening is a growing hobby. Its an easy, fun way to express your own creativity. Working
in small scale allows so many possibilities. You can enjoy bringing your garden landscape to life, without hours of back breaking garden work.

Create a tiny oasis in a patio container to cozy up your patio this summer. Miniature gardens can
be kept close to where you entertain making them a focal point to be enjoyed by your guests. They also make thoughtful and creative gifts for friends and family.

You can now buy Miniature Gardening Figures and Fairy Gardening Figures at Shelley B Home and Holiday. We have been gathering great accessories and photos to help our customers create their own miniature gardens. Items are listing now with many more to follow.

If you have created your own miniature garden we would love to see your photos. Please email with your photos and any information you would like to share.

Please visit our website for more details. We also invite you to like or new Miniature Gardening at Shelley B Home and Holiday Face Book Page.

You can also use this link to join our Shelley B Miniature Gardening email list. Be the first to see new items, designs ideas and special offers.

We will continue to share inspiring photo to spark your creativity and look forward to sharing your
mini garden photos too!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This Christmas send some sweetness to our soldiers overseas.

The Shelley B family would like to send boxes of 
chocolates and candies to our military men and women
serving overseas this Christmas. 

Please join us!

Here's how, 
for every lighted picture our customers
purchase from now until November 30 
we will add
additional candy to our boxes!


After you place your order, you can send
a little thank you/ Merry Christmas note
 for our soldiers
which we will include in your candy box.

Just email your message to

We will print the message and include it 
in our candy boxes.

You can find all the details by visiting this blog post: