Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bethany Lowe Halloween Trick or Treat Collection

Bethany Lowe Collectibles offers folk art and vintage inspired holiday decorations.  Bethany is an American folk artist, known for her ability to capture holiday and seasonal memories from times past.  
Her children at holidays series is a favorite collectible series for our customers.
This collection offers Christmas, Easter, Summer, Fall, and Halloween figures.

A season that is captured so well is Halloween.  Every fall Shelley B Home and Holiday offers the newest  figures from this fun to collect series. Boys and girls are dressed in vintage Halloween costumes and recreate fond memories like trick or treating, bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins and much more. Figures seem to be right from the pages of The Saturday Evening post.  

Here is a small display we created with a few trick or treaters and our BOO sign

Halloween figures from this video are shown below
with links to find the item at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Bethany Lowe Spook Boy Halloween Clown, vintage style trick or treat figure

ghostly child by Bethany Lowe, child dressed as a ghost for Halloween
catnip by bethany lowe, child dressed in a black cat costume for Halloween holds a large candy corn piece

Bethany Lowe Skeleton Puppeteer

The photos below show just some of the Bethany Lowe figures available in our online retail store.  These are photos we took while visiting the Bethany Lowe showroom.

Ghost Cat, black cat dressed as a ghost for Halloween Trick or Treat

child dressed as a dragon for Halloween, collectible figure from Shelley B Home and Holiday

ghost dog,yellow lab dressed as a ghost for Halloween

Ghost Dog and Ghost Cat
make a cute pair, or 
use them beside one of the
children figures

The heirloom designs below are licensed by
the Saturday Evening Post and
are inspired by illustrations from their archives

Fright Night Bethany Lowe Collectible Vintage Halloween Decoration, inspired by the Saturday Evening Post

Bethany Lowe Lighting the pumpkin

lighting the pumpkin bethany lowe   lighting the pumpkin

BOO bricks Halloween sign decoration from Shelley B Home and Holiday

The BOO bricks are from the Shelley B Home and Holiday Halloween collection
They make a nice backdrop for your Bethany Lowe Trick or Treat Halloween Children display.
A link to find them in our store is below:

Here is a link to find more from the 

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