Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vintage Holiday Children collection by Bethany Lowe Spring 2015

Bethany Lowe's vintage holiday children collection offers many new designs every year featuring children celebrating holidays through out the year.  Each figure is designed to capture a special moment unique to a particular holiday.  Trimming the tree at Christmas, building a snowman on a winter day, trick or treating at Halloween, Valentine's Day special deliveries, children at Easter with spring chicks and Easter bunnies, and many more. Every year Bethany brings a new idea to add to your collection. 

The best way for us to introduce you to Bethany Lowe is by sharing a portion of her website below:

 "Through Beth’s work, everything old becomes new again as she captures the warm memories of her childhood growing up on a Midwestern farm. Holidays were a magical time for Beth’s family and the small community she grew up in, with costume parties, mummer’s parades, pumpkin carving contests, and trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhoods. Families went for horse-drawn sleigh rides, ice skated together on country ponds, went caroling door-to-door, and built snow forts and snowmen to greet passersby. As a child, one of Beth’s favorite traditions was creating May baskets from paper and flowers – special gifts to be hung on the doors of friends and family."

Her vintage children collection is one of our very favorite lines.  I have created a page on my website where you can see all our current selections for all holidays and seasons.  
I hope you will stop by to see
why we love this collection....

Bethany Lowe Vintage Holiday Children Figures at Shelley B Home and Holiday