Monday, April 21, 2008

Tree Wall Grilles

This pair of Metal Topiary Trees has the coolest shapes and lines... I love the curving lines that make up the leaves and the circle topped posts of the planter boxes.
Sold as a pair for $42.50 plus shipping 31 1/2 inches tall

This tree wall grille will hold 8 votive candles (sold seperately). You can purchase battery operated tea lights for this grille. I have a recharger base that comes with four candles and the option to purchase four additional candles. Use the recharger and you don't need to keep replacing batteries. This wall grille will give a great accent lighting at night.

Cost for the tree wall grille is $78.00 plus shipping. 25".

Available only until May 14 - then we switch over to their great Fall/Christmas line...
contact me to order

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