Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RAZ 2012 Halloween

NEW for Halloween 2012
the RAZ Imports
Filled with witches, spiders, jack o lanterns, skeletons and owls.

Create a scary front porch to greet trick or treaters with the large selection
of animated and talking Halloween characters. 

The photos below are filled with great decorating ideas
featuring RAZ Ghastly Graveyard decorations
this entire collection is available



Large Witch figures available
in Standing, Sitting or Flying pose


Animated Skeleton, Witch and Frankenstein

Animate Witch and Ghost Skeleton
motion activated
eyes flash and figures scream,




22 inch Sitting Witch


25 inch Sisal Black Cats with
and lighted sisal spiders


Large Whimsical Pumpkin Characters

collapsible for easy storage

Metal Jack o Lanterns


38 inch animated butler

crow wings flap, eyes blink
candelabra lights up
butler talks and mouth moves

Owls and witch wine bottle covers

23 inch animated ghost skeleton


12 inch spiders

Find everything used to create this Halloween mantle
in our store.

You will find many of these great Halloween decorations already listed in our store.

Please email with any questions.

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