Friday, April 20, 2012

Flickering Firefly Jar Video

Flickering Fireflies in a jar
available at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Little firefly bugs
collected in a jar with artificial blades of grass
light up and fade out slowly just like real fireflies.

There are even holes in the lid of the jar and wings on the little lightening bugs
this glass jar novelty light will bring back childhood memories
of catching lightening bugs in the back yard.

You can use your rechargeable AA batteries to light up your fireflies.

A metal handle on the lid allows the jar to be displayed on a table top
or hang from a tree branch or garden hook.

available with red lid or green lid

Play the video of the red lid jar posted below to see the
little lightening bugs light up and fade out.

*the slight pulsing of light in the video is due to the HD camera
lights will steadily fade on and off in person.

Fun summer decor.

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