Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NEW Lighted Florals

Just arrived!
the first shipment of lighted florals
for Shelley B Home and Holiday

I have been anxiously awaiting their arrival and immediately put together this arrangement in a tall ceramic vase I had around the house. It consists of one large willow set (3 stems connected to one power plug) and one white flower set (3 stems connected to one power plug) and several small crystal stems. You can also add them to your silk flower arrangements for a fuller look.

They are just amazing

Here is how the manufacturer describes this innovative new home decor product....

"..... an enchanting collection of illuminated florals that capture and enhance the beauty of nature. Each flower, some with as many as 96 bulbs, is illuminated simply by plugging the cord into any outlet. These designer lights can be shaped easily to fit into any vase or simply added to your existing silk or dried floral arrangements. The beauty of these lights will give you years of enjoyment"

I think enchanting is a great way to describe them. They are perfect for creating a beautiful, lighting accent in any room in your home ~ even the covered patio or sunroom. I am currently displaying my arrangement in a 3rd floor loft window. Lighted willow branches and flowers create a beautiful accent lighting affect both inside and out. Inside, the loft is now illuminated with beautiful, soft light coming from a pretty floral arrangement and outside, the large loft window is now filled with decorative lights very visibile from the backyard.

Place your lighted arrangement in a window and you get twice the impact ~ from inside and outside your home.

Not only do the lighted florals add great lighting affects at night, but they also are a true floral decoration during the day. The little lights are hidden in flower centers or incorporated into the willow branch design and barely noticeable in daylight.

The line consists of willow branches, plum flowers, orchard flowers and crystal stems ( which are not lighted, but are used to reflect and enchance the light of the willows and flowers.)

The 39 inch tall willow and flower stems consist of

3 connected stems with a
13 inch length of wire between each stem
which connects all three to the 16 foot lead wire with a standard plug

96 lights in all

Branches, stems and flowers all can be bent

so stems are very easy to arrange

willow branch set

is available in 39 inch tall (96 lights, 3 stems) or 18 inch size (60 lights, 1 stem)

flower branches come in this size too!

Small crystal stems are available. When added
to the arrangements they reflect the light and add
some extra sparkle

Floral stems are available in white, green, amber and red

39 inches tall (96 lights, 3 connected stems)

or 18 inches tall (60 lights, 1 stem)

We have listed our initial collection in the store, and will be adding a few more lines in the near future. Stop by today and check them out, and be sure to check back for more lighted floral decor listing soon. Demand is very high for these new items, so please order early and be patient as back order delays can occur.

any questions you can email

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