Monday, June 1, 2009

Flower Box and Geraniums

I have been decorating my porch for
the summer season ~my first project was to find
a great collection to put in my tall spindle leg flower box

The box is 32 inches tall so it stands above most patio planters
and adds some height to your porch decor.
I used the artificial potted geraniums because there
is not alot of sun that gets onto that part of the porch, making it
less than ideal for many real blooming plants

Also, I didn't want to damage the wood planter with water spills.
And these artifical geraniums will always display a perfect bloom,
unlike many of my plants that sometimes suffer from lack of attention!

I put some empty plant containers under the potted
geraniums and statue to raise them up a bit
so they could be seen better.

All of these items can be found using the
links below

filled with


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with convenient shopping cart and paypal or credit card check out

This was a fun decorating project. The flower box is a great way to display
some of your favorite decor or collectibles indoors and out.
Its vintage appeal makes it perfect for Bethany Lowe collections
And, of course, its great for flowers too.

If you enjoy auction shopping then you will want to check out the
for the
planter and statue that I am listing tonight!

And here are a few other items from my store that would look great
in the Tall Spindle Leg Planter

Lighted ivy and grapevine garland

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