Thursday, August 8, 2013

Video of Halloween Radiance Lighted Canvas from Shelley B Home and Holiday

Radiance Lighted Canvas collection is the newest trend in home and holiday decor.

Art prints on stretched canvas over wood frames with candle light! Tiny lights are hidden under the front canvas. A power pack hidden on the back of the canvas holds batteries to power the softly flickering lights. Turn the switch to on and your canvas wall art lights up and comes to life. Radiance Lighted Wall Art combines the ambient lighting of candles with your favorite artwork. Designs include everyday, Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. Everyday themes are country life, including Billy Jacobs designs, French Cottage, Beach Themes, and more. Travel - Paris, London, Venice, New York and more. And there are many Christmas and Halloween designs too.

This collection is very affordable, with most designs under $50. And due to the quality of design and artwork and the fact that the lights are hidden under the canvas, you can enjoy this wall art without turning on the flickering lights.

Here is a new arrival at our store:
 Halloween Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Jars
with a video to show the flickering lights....


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