Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bethany Lowe Christmas Trees

I have been ordering in more Bethany Lowe items for Christmas. Everytime I turn the pages of her awesome catalogue I find more and more great ideas for decorating. Vinettes for filling a shelf, cabinet top or creating a mantelscape are so easy to create when you see the wonderful vintage inspired collectibles Bethany Lowe offers.

Collecting is all about displaying...and there are many items available to complete your collection displays. For Christmas or winter vinettes snowy trees are a must have. Bethany has a large collection of wintery trees in many different colors and materials.

The slide show below features the Bethany Lowe Trees available at
Many are in stock and listed in the store, and any tree can be special order by contacting, just reference the slide show and the item number and we will send you the specifics along with a price.

Included in the slide show are photos pairing different trees with collectible decor. These are just a few great examples of how a vintage inspired tree can enhance your Christmas decorating.

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