Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Front Porch

Here are photos of the front porch of my house...all ready for Thanksgiving!
I have used some of the Fall decorations available in my store
A list of items used and the item numbers are at the bottom of the post. Just log onto www.shelleybhomeandholiday and enter the item number in the search box to find more details.

Tomorrow I will post photos of my little back porch.

Front door with the Fall Bountiful Wreath and Garland

Windsor Wreath hanger and Wreath
This is a beautiful wreath filled with acorns, nuts, leaves, pinecones
and berries

Here is a close up of the Fall Bountiful Garland. It has a thick
bendable center, so it is very easy to shape and turn it
for display. There are also loops on each end, these make it
easy to hang the garland

This is the Tall Spindle Leg planter. I keep it on my porch year round
and change the contents to match the season

This greenhouse shelf is actually made for display on a wall.
Here, I have placed one inside the planter.
I removed the plexiglass so the lighted garland can wrap around and through the greenhouse.
Inside is a country primitive electric candle...I love accent lighting!


Item# ohfa31717-fall-bountiful-wreath-autumn-acorns-leaves-pinecones-nuts-berries

Item# ohfa31718-fall-garland-bountiful-autumn-leaves-acorns-pinecones-nuts-berries

Item# thfl1108594-wreath-hanger-bronze-windsor-over-the-door-holder

Item# ohsc31296-tall-spindle-leg-planter

Item# ohga32023-small-green-house

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