Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Back Porch

Here are some photos from my little back porch, decorated for Fall.

These are all from my store

below the photos there is a list of products used

On my back door (yes its the same door that is on the front of my house)

I am currently displaying the romantic lace wreath hanger

with the fall lantern and daisy wreath

Lots of pretty details on the unique wreath hanger

the wreath holder can be removed so you could

display as a door decoration.

I found the coolest pumpkin vine garland.

It has lots of big pumpkin leaves, one large and one small pumpkin.

The center is a thick bendable stem so you can easily wrap

it around posts. It even has a few vine ends that can be

spiral curled - just like a real pumpkin vine.

This vine is great for September through November




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