Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey all you Diy Decorators - 50% off michaels coupon

I love my local craft store....paper, florals, paints and more great diy supplies....sometimes I think I go there just to unwind and think creatively. I have been having alot of fun creating fall and halloween lighted trees (see posts below and above). More trees are on the way...including a great three foot tall black tree with orange berries.

Now I am thinking about making up something Fall and crafty for my porch. Just my luck - today I received an email from the Michaels Store ( I have subscribed to their email list)

**** 50% off any one item everyday til September 27****

this link might work for you to print the coupon

You can go to and sign up to receive these great deals....

I am heading to the store today........I'll show you my purchase and tell you my plan tomorrow....Shelley
PS love to hear from you if you use the coupon!

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