Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Garden Flowers

Below are a few photos from my garden...I always love when my garden is
in full starts out looking so sparse in May...

But in my area of the country, by the time my garden starts looking like this -
we are almost out of summer....
* * * * *

School starts next week,
the evenings are becoming too cool for swimming,
its dark by 8:30 now.
Fall is in the air and in my studio...
I have been gathering up some supplies -orange glitter paint, pumpkin shapes and pretty sheer ribbon and decorative paper.
..harvest angels and folk art sheep, scarecrows and more...all are in the making.
Starting next week I will begin listing new fall decorator trees....."Christmas" trees from table top size to up to 4 feet tall - decked out in pretty lights and harvest decor (a few items hand painted by me!) Halloween decorated trees and
Christmas and Winter decorated trees to follow....
In the meantime be sure to watch the store -I am adding new fall items as I get the chance...

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