Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Radiance Lighted Canvas

NEW Radiance Lighted Canvas designs for 2014
Our Radiance Light Canvas collection proved to be a very popular item for our customers in 2013. 
This collection offers beautiful art prints on stretched canvas.  Behind the front canvas tiny lights are hidden and powered by a battery pack hidden in a pocket on the back of the canvas.  This beautiful artwork can be displayed on the wall with out the lights turned on and no one would know its a lighted canvas.  Lights can be turned on with a switch on the side of the canvas.
The lights softly flicker like candle flame light.
Customers ordered canvases for themselves and many were ordered as gifts for Christmas.
After finishing a very busy Christmas season we started our showroom tour for new products in 2014 in early January.  I was very happy to see that the Radiance Lighted Canvas collection had grown significantly.  There are many many new designs available for 2014.  Some are brand new concepts in design while others expanded on themes and designs that proved very popular in 2013.
There are new everyday designs, nautical and beach themed designs, St Patricks Day, Easter, American or Fourth of July, Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas.   Billy Jacob's artwork in the collection has expanded, offering Americana scenes of farmhouses and barns in country settings.  Many designs are offered in a small and also large canvas size.
Below is a video of some of the first new design we will offer.  The Radiance Light Canvas shown in the video will be available starting January and February 2014. 
 There are over 150 additional designs that will be available after May.
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