Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to make a summer flower arrangement

Summer Sunflower and Red Geranium
Floral Arrangement
You can recreate this summer floral arrangement using floral stems
found at Shelley B Home and Holiday in our Floral Decor category.
The sunflower and red geranium arrangement is made with 4 different flower and bouquet stems and foliage stems, creating an appealing mix of colors and shapes.
Below is a list of the items used to create this arrangement:
You can purchase the items as a set and save $
when you visit our
Or use the links below to purchase individual elements used in
 this arrangement.
1) F3300022 White Daisy and Yellow Daisy Spray Set (set of 2)

2) F3302108 Button Leaf Bush




The quantity listed will fill a 13 inch bowl, like the one shown in the photo. You can adjust these quantities to fill your bowl or container.
Find more RAZ floral arrangements in the
Shelley B Home and Holiday
Floral Decor Category
we also offer a store page dedicated to show casing the
Visit these pages for inspiration to create your own
floral arrangements.

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