Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Make your own Christmas Tree Topper

 If you love decorating for Christmas you will love our new Ornament Display pick.   Designed to hold inverted ornaments at the end
of a sturdy metal branch. Now ornaments appear to shoot out of your tree or arrangement.  Christmas Ornament Display Picks are so easy to use and produce amazing designer look results.
Create your own
Christmas Tree Topper
 Floral and Ornament Arrangement
 Ornament Bouquet
 Floral and Ornament Sprays.
The photo below shows the smaller 23 inch 6 branch display pick and the larger 26 inch 13 branch ornament display pick. 
Remove the topper/hanger from a glass ornament and slide the ornament
onto one of the wire branches at the top. Long finial shape ornaments work the best.  Use larger ornaments at the top center and smaller ornaments on the bottom branches. When all the branches are full you will have created a beautiful ornament bouquet to place in a container or attach to the top of the tree.
If you want to create a fuller design and add interest you can now add floral sprays to the base of the ornament pick.  Add floral sprays in groups of three and fasten securely with cable ties. 
Below is a great video that will show you just how easy it is to
design and create your own Christmas tree topper

You can find the display ornament pick demonstrated in this video
and more great items for Christmas decorating  at
Shelley B Home and Holiday using the links below:

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