Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Large Witch On Broom Wall Hanging

35 inch Large Witch Riding her broom.  From the RAZ Imports Black and Bling Collection featuring Halloween decorations like fabulous witches, ghosts, orange electric candles, black owls and more.

This witch is so easy to display, lots of great spots on your covered porch or inside your home.
twine rope is attached to her dress and hat
so she is ready to fly as soon as she arrives at your house.

Dress is decorated with felt shape cut outs

made of sisal, a painted fiber twine that is wrapped around a form to
make shapes

her face is made of a soft polyester material

Her neck and head move, like a marionette puppet

Here you can see the great dimensional shape of the flying witch
she can be displayed from either side.

For more details visit the 35 Inch Flying Witch page in our store

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