Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Patio Decor

 The bright sunny days of summer ......

Here in eastern Pennsylvania we have just survived 8 straight rainy days!
Its raining now, even as I type this...but...

The good  great news is we are due for a beautiful sunny weekend!
Its been a while since we have had one of those during this long, cold, rainy spring,
judging by the national news, I know we are not alone.

So today, in celebration of that long awaitted summer sunshine, I am featuring some great items
new this year,  from the RAZ Imports spring collection

Offering an assortment of table top, lighted decorations, figurines and more -
all with a summer and garden theme.

I have chosen the 5 items below because they will be a great addition
to your patio table celebrations. Whether its a birthday party, graduation celebration or just a fun
 night with friends on the patio the RAZ Firefly Collection will bring the colors of summer to your table.

Metal butterfly and flower cake stand or pedestal
use for food service or as a pedestal to display a favorite figurine.

great for battery operated candles

so fun and unique, and large so they will light up the patio
only for temporary outside use, please protect from the weather :)

Please stop by our store and check out our complete Summer and Beach collection.

Wishing you a sunshine filled weekend!


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