Friday, October 8, 2010

NEW Flat PreLit Christmas Trees

Flat PreLit Christmas Trees

Using just 28 inches of space from the wall to the front of this display,
our flat trees are perfect for storefront windows and limited space.
The NEW flat prelit Christmas trees give you the opportunity to decorate with
a full looking Christmas tree using much less space.

Our flat Christmas trees are perfect of small apartments or homes.
Also very popular in shops, display windows, and business settings.

A link to shop our current selection of flat trees is at the end of this post.

side profile of the flat Christmas tree
18 inches wide
Front view

The flat Christmas tree collection includes three sizes

7.5 feet, 5 feet and 4 feet

Each tree comes with clear lights and is held in a garden style urn.

Your tree arrives ready to decorate!

Below you can see some examples of how beautiful these trees look
when decorated with your favorite ornaments.

In this photo the 5 ft flat tree is filled with items
from the Colonial Christmas Collection

A 7.5 foot flat tree decorate in the Gooseberry Theme

Pretty in Pink 7.5 Flat Tree

4 Foot Flat Tree decorated in our Tinsel Town theme.

Here is a quick link to shop
RAZ Flat Christmas Trees
at Shelley B Home and Holiday

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