Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RAZ Halloween 2010

Here are more of the great witches and Halloween decor available this year. These are not currently pictured in the store, but like any item in the RAZ 2010 Fall and Winter catalogue, it can be special ordered for you at while supplies last
email for more information about these items
or to inquire about any item in the Fall/Winter catalogue.

H3016403 $128.00 4 feet tall

H3016382 $45.00 27 inches

H3016375 $17.50 each 15 inches

H3004007 $75.00 25 inches

H3004005 $75.00 22 inches

H2802903 $150.00 44 inches

H2704034 $57.00 24 inches

H2704010 $76.00 30 inches

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