Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW Summer Firefly Jars ~ in Stock

Powered by 2 AA batteries

I recommend rechargeable batteries for hours of summer fun

Whimsical collectible decor with slow blinking lights, will remind you of summer fun in the back yard. Fun decoration for the patio, guest bath or bedroom. Popular at summer weddings too!

To see the fireflies in action , click on the video below.

Measures 6.5 inches tall X 3.5 inches wide and is available in Red or Green lid. Each jar holds artificial grass blades and 4 firefly bugs. Holes are punched in each lid too!! Each firefly jar has a metal handle so you can hang your firefly jar to display or sit on a table. Requires 2 AA Batteries

In stock and ready for your home! find the details at


NEW FOR 2011

Pair of 3.5 inch jars

with 6 AG13 batteries

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