Monday, April 12, 2010

Bethany Lowe Halloween 2010 Preview Begins

Last week I added several new designs from Bethany Lowe 2010 Halloween Collection to the store. If you are a fan of vintage, folk art inspired decor and collectibles,

Members of this special list received an email notifying them new items were now available, featured any current Bethany Lowe specials, and extended a special savings offer...not listed in the store...and reserved just for them!

Bethany Lowe is not just for Halloween (although she offers a GREAT collection for those who love to collect and decorate with spooky characters) Spring, garden, and summer themes are also available as well as Christmas, Valentines and Easter. By joining the Shelley B Bethany Lowe email list, you will receive updates on Bethany's line year round, special email only offers and opportunities to pre order your favorite pieces before they are sold out.

I also have a Bethany Lowe at Shelley BHH face book page which focuses on Bethany's collection and even offers opportunity for you to meet some of her design team.
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Here a few pictures from the 2010 Bethany Lowe Halloween Collection....

Vintage Haunted House blhalg9347

Wax Pumpkin Jack O Lantern blhalo7358

Gertie on Pumpkin blhatj7114

Witch on Moon blhatg9807a

blhaeb9609 Halloween Cake Bubble Light
Bethany's vintage bubble lights are also available in a Santa Claus and Snowman theme
these are some of her most popular items and they sold out last year.

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