Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020: NEW Decade New Plans for Shelley B!

A new adventure is coming our way in 2020!

The Shelley B Home and Holiday Family
 is Relocating to
 Nashville Tennessee!

As of November 15, 2019 we began liquidating all Pennsylvania based inventory listed on our home and holiday decor, online store:

This includes beautiful designer decor by RAZ Imports and much more!  

In 2020 we will continue to empty our Pennsylvania warehouses as we make the final plans for our move to Nashville TN!

Don't miss some amazing deals (60% off) top-quality decor and decorations!  I have been cultivating my inventory lines for the past 12 years and have found many collections that my customers love! In the process of moving forward into our family's next business opportunity, I am able to share this fantastic collection with YOU at below wholesale prices! 

Follow my blog for more updates, and designing and decorating news!
Shelley B

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Floral Stems and More Design Elements

New in 2019!  

 A new category was created under our Craft * DIY Decor *Wreath supplies category.
Now you can shop for cart stems and greens for your maker projects.
  Items in this category are of the very best quality and design,
and selected with our crafter and makers in mind.
You can see all the newest stems in two categories listed below:

Lighted Canvas Pictures

Lighted pictures with flickering candle light.  We have designs in many themes:


Each canvas print features beautiful details. Tiny LED lights hidden behind the front canvas light up and flicker like candle flame. Lights are activated by an on | off switch on the side of the canvas. Powered by AA batteries.

A top seller at Shelley B Home and Holiday. A top gift choice for our customers year round!

Browse the current collection at this link: Lighted Canvas Picture

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Design and Decorate with Shelley B

I've been busy the last months, preparing to launch this new adventure I'd love to share with you...
Check out the announcement video to learn a little bit about my background and a new opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about designing and decorating for everyday and holidays AND save money when ordering at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Want more details? Click the image below to visit my website for more info.

I have so many designs ready to share and new ideas I'd like to research, build and then bring to the group.  When the Christmas creating season starts in June, well, you are going to love how many designs and all the insider info in store for Shelley B Design and Decorate members! AND the exclusive savings on all your orders from Shelley B Home and starts as soon as you sign up for the club!  Just email me at,  and say I did it! I joined the club! I will reply with info about the store discount and an invite to join the private Facebook Group for Club Members Only!

If you are ready to sign up, click the Subscribe button below to link to Paypal and enter your credit card or Paypal info. Cost is $24.99 per month and is automatically renewed each month.  You can cancel at any time.  Hope to see you in the club!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bethany Lowe Witch on Moon

Folk art inspired, Witch on Moon Halloween Decoration by Bethany Lowe has been a favorite decoration of mine for many years.  It was one of the first Halloween items I listed in my online store   along with many other Bethany Lowe Halloween, Fall and Christmas items. 
Witch on Moon was a top seller year after year, but unfortunately disappeared from the catalog the last several years.  I was so happy this January, when visiting the Bethany Lowe showroom in Atlanta Georgia, when I found this wonderful decoration hanging in the corner of Bethany's Halloween displays.  I immediately added several of them to my Halloween order. As expected Shelley B customers loved her and my supply of Witch on Moon  sold out quickly.  She will return to Shelley B Home and Holiday in 2019, if Bethany includes her in the catalog.

In the meantime, many of you are still looking for this wonderful Vintage Halloween inspired item, for this year. I did alittle searching online and I was able to find just a few on Amazon.
Limited supply is available so please order today.
Here is the link with more details:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sports Team Licensed Signs at Shelley B Home and

New College Team Signs. 

Licensed signs to show your school spirit. 
Our signs be used alone as wall art for your bar, patio, or
any where you want to decorate with your team colors and show your support.
Also a great size to add to a deco mesh or burlap wreath. 
All designs are licensed and approved for resale.

We currently offer three designs for 10 different college teams

Alabama Crimson Tide
Florida Gators
Kansas Jayhawks
Kentucky Wildcats
Michigan State Spartans
Nebraska Huskers
Ohio State Buckeyes
Oklahoma Sooners
Penn State Nittany Lions
Texas A&M


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bethany Lowe Halloween Trick or Treat Collection

Bethany Lowe Collectibles offers folk art and vintage inspired holiday decorations.  Bethany is an American folk artist, known for her ability to capture holiday and seasonal memories from times past.  
Her children at holidays series is a favorite collectible series for our customers.
This collection offers Christmas, Easter, Summer, Fall, and Halloween figures.

A season that is captured so well is Halloween.  Every fall Shelley B Home and Holiday offers the newest  figures from this fun to collect series. Boys and girls are dressed in vintage Halloween costumes and recreate fond memories like trick or treating, bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins and much more. Figures seem to be right from the pages of The Saturday Evening post.  

Here is a small display we created with a few trick or treaters and our BOO sign

Halloween figures from this video are shown below
with links to find the item at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Bethany Lowe Spook Boy Halloween Clown, vintage style trick or treat figure

ghostly child by Bethany Lowe, child dressed as a ghost for Halloween
catnip by bethany lowe, child dressed in a black cat costume for Halloween holds a large candy corn piece

Bethany Lowe Skeleton Puppeteer

The photos below show just some of the Bethany Lowe figures available in our online retail store.  These are photos we took while visiting the Bethany Lowe showroom.

Ghost Cat, black cat dressed as a ghost for Halloween Trick or Treat

child dressed as a dragon for Halloween, collectible figure from Shelley B Home and Holiday

ghost dog,yellow lab dressed as a ghost for Halloween

Ghost Dog and Ghost Cat
make a cute pair, or 
use them beside one of the
children figures

The heirloom designs below are licensed by
the Saturday Evening Post and
are inspired by illustrations from their archives

Fright Night Bethany Lowe Collectible Vintage Halloween Decoration, inspired by the Saturday Evening Post

Bethany Lowe Lighting the pumpkin

lighting the pumpkin bethany lowe   lighting the pumpkin

BOO bricks Halloween sign decoration from Shelley B Home and Holiday

The BOO bricks are from the Shelley B Home and Holiday Halloween collection
They make a nice backdrop for your Bethany Lowe Trick or Treat Halloween Children display.
A link to find them in our store is below:

Here is a link to find more from the